2 03, 2016

In 4X Strategy, Younger and Male Gamers Prefer Military Conquest. Older and Female Gamers Prefer Cultural Domination.

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One of the hallmarks of 4X games is the ability to use different approaches to achieve victory. These may include crushing your enemies on the battlefield, creating an economic superpower, or achieving cultural or scientific nirvana. I still remember watching my father play the original Civilization and being confused as to why he would waste [...]

17 02, 2016

In Open World Games, Most Players Balance Exploration with Completing Campaign. Those Who Prioritize Campaign Are Younger.

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Although gamers are often lumped together as “people who enjoy playing videogames”, there is often a lot of variability in the types of things people like to do while playing. Most have a preferred genre, and even within genres a preferred style of play. How We're Playing Fallout 4 Take Fallout 4 for example, a [...]

10 02, 2016

As Gamers Age, The Appeal of Competition Drops The Most. Strategy is The Most Age-Stable Motivation.

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When I first started running large online surveys of gamers in the days of EverQuest, I was a 20-year-old undergrad psych major. I remember looking at the age distribution of those online gamers where about 20-30% were over the age of 30 (and a fair number above 40), and thinking to myself, wow those gamers [...]

2 02, 2016

In FPS Games, Women Prefer Long-Range Stealth, Younger Gamers Prefer Run-and-Gun

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In our last blog post, we created a map of the Strategy game genre to explore how gamers’ preferences for Excitement or Strategy can influence the types of strategy games they are likely to play. But gaming motivations not only impact genre preference, they also impact playstyle within game genres. Leeroooooooy Jenkins! The infamous Leeroy [...]

20 01, 2016

Game Genre Map: The Cognitive Threshold in Strategy Games

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The Gamer Motivation Profile allows gamers to take a 5-minute survey to get a personalized report of their gaming motivations. Currently, we have data from over 140,000 gamers worldwide. In the survey, we also ask gamers to list their favorite game titles. This allows us to pivot between gamers and games--we can use the aggregated [...]

5 01, 2016

Gaming Motivations Align with Personality Traits

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In our last blog post, we presented a visual clustering of gaming motivations based on data from over 140,000 gamers, showing how they group into 3 high-level clusters. Here’s that map again below for ease of reference. In this post, we’re going to explain the unintuitive Action-Social cluster and show you that gaming motivations are [...]

15 12, 2015

The Gamer Motivation Model in Handy Reference Chart and Slides

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A total of over 140,000 gamers worldwide have now completed the Gamer Motivation Profile. Statistical analysis of how motivations cluster together is consistent with what we reported earlier. Want to know how you compare with other gamers on these motivations? Take a 5-minute survey and get your Gamer Motivation Profile. To make the Gamer Motivation Model [...]

18 10, 2015

The Path to the Game Recommender Engine

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Try out the Game Recommender Engine! Around the time when we figured out how to identify the most popular games for each gaming motivation, we realized we had solved almost all of the analytic components needed to provide personalized game recommendations to gamers who take the Gamer Motivation Profile. In our feedback surveys, this was [...]