In many of our blog posts, we explore our data through the lens of gaming motivations. This time around, we’re going to focus on another kind of preference—thematic appeal. Or put another way, if the game mechanics are the same, how much does it matter that you’re killing orcs vs. space aliens?

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Data From the Gamer Motivation Profile

Here at Quantic Foundry, in addition to the Gamer Motivation Profile, we also have additional research surveys that gamers can participate in. These surveys tackle a variety of game preference questions, and allow us to link gamers’ responses back to things like their motivation scores, gender, and age. 1,266 gamers participated in this research survey.

In the survey, we asked gamers to rate the appeal of different thematic settings and weapon choices. The order of the themes was randomized for each respondent. For the analysis and the charts below, we coded these appeal ratings from 1 (Not At All) to 5 (A Great Deal).

The Most Appealing Settings Are High Fantasy and Sci-Fi