A total of over 140,000 gamers worldwide have now completed the Gamer Motivation Profile. Statistical analysis of how motivations cluster together is consistent with what we reported earlier.

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To make the Gamer Motivation Model easier to understand and share, we’ve put together some reference charts and slides. First, we have a chart that lists all the motivations and how they are related. Motivations in the same column are more highly correlated than motivations in different columns. The chart also provides brief descriptions of each motivation.

Second, we have a short set of PDF slides that provides the chart and more detailed descriptions of each motivation along with game examples. Click the image below to download the PDF.

Click to download the PDF

We have some really exciting findings we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks (e.g., a higher-level visual map of all these motivations), but we wanted to make sure we laid the groundwork for the describing the model before diving too deep in the data.