The Science of
Gamer Motivation

Quantic Foundry is a game analytics consulting practice. We combine social science with data science to understand what drives gamers and how to make game experiences more engaging.

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The Science and Data Behind Our Gamer Motivation Model

Our Gamer Motivation Model

Data From Over 220,000 Gamers

We used established psychometric methods and data from over 220,000 gamers to develop an empirical model of gamer motivations. Here’s all that data distilled into a single table.

Watch our GDC / GamesUR Talk

Our GDC / GamesUR 2016 Talk

Our gamer motivation model and findings distilled into a 20-minute talk

A data-driven overview of our motivation model and key findings on how motivations vary (and don’t vary) by gender, age, and region.

Data-Driven Insights About Your Audience

Audience Reports

Use Empirical Data to Inform Your Game Production & Marketing Decisions

Whether you have an existing game title/franchise or have a new game in development, we can provide data-driven insights about your audience.
Learn About Our Audience Reports

A team that has been analyzing game data and innovating game analytic methods for over a decade.

Our Team

Nick Yee and Nicolas Ducheneaut have been studying games and gamers for over a decade.

They leverage their broad experience in academic, commercial, government, and game industry research in gaming to analyze game data and generate actionable insights.
Nick Yee
Nick YeeCo-Founder & Analytics Lead
Nicolas Ducheneaut
Nicolas DucheneautCo-Founder & Technical Lead

Nick Yee and Nic Ducheneaut both have academic backgrounds that combine social science with computer science. They received their PhDs from Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley, respectively, and began working together in 2005 at the Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC). Their shared interest in developing innovative methods to study online games—whether it is creating empirical frameworks of gamer motivations or mapping social networks in World of Warcraft—resulted in more than 40 peer-reviewed papers.

Seeking to apply these insights and methods directly within the game industry, they joined Ubisoft in 2012 where they founded the Gamer Behavior Research group. Their fluency in different methodological approaches allowed them to combine and derive actionable insights from diverse data sources, which accelerated collaboration between design, marketing, and analytics teams. In order to meet a broader industry demand for their unique skillset, they formed Quantic Foundry in 2015.

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