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Game Audience Profiles

Get the audience profiles of gamers from specific games, franchises, genres, or gaming motivations.

Gamers are not a monolithic group.
We have the data to help you explore the audiences of different games.

Our Gamer Motivation Model

By combining our extensive research into the psychology of gaming with data from over 140,000 gamers worldwide, we’ve developed an empirical Gamer Motivation Model.

Unique Gamers (by IP Address) in Our Data Set
We’ve been developing gaming motivation models and assessment tools for over a decade. Our published gaming-related research is widely cited. Our current model was developed via factor analysis of data from over 140,000 gamers.

Our large data set allows us to examine how these motivations vary by gender, age, region, and game genres.

We created a web app where gamers could complete a 5-minute survey, get their personalized motivation profile, and share it online. About 80% of our traffic came from social media sharing.
In addition to gathering data on gaming motivations, we also asked gamers to list their favorite games and genres. Gamers provided their favorite game titles in open-ended text fields. We used Mechanical Turk to code each title in triplicate, and resolved the few entries without a majority vote by hand.

Audience Profiles

We have data on more than 1,500 game titles. For each of these games, we can generate a demographic and motivation profile comparing that game’s audience to the baseline, along with the ranked list of games also popular with this audience.

We can also generate audience profiles for a game franchise, a game genre, a list of specific games, or for players with a specific primary motivation (or combination of primary motivations).

The chart shows the percentile rank of this audience across the 12 gaming motivations in our model. A percentile of 50% is perfectly average. Relative to gamers in general, the core audience of the EU series scores very high on Strategy and very low on Excitement.
QF (Quantic Foundry) scores are the likelihood that a game is mentioned by an audience adjusted by that game’s baseline popularity. Thus, a score of 2 means this audience is twice as likely to list this game as a favorite compared to the baseline.

Proximity Mapping

By using the audience profile metrics, we can calculate and visualize the distances between multiple games. In the proximity map to the right, games with more similar audiences are closer together.

Use the proximity maps to explore the variation and potential game clusters in a genre, or use the maps to find the games with the most similar audiences to a specific game.

Here’s How The Audience Profiles Can Help You

Prioritize Development Effort

Your studio is developing a 4X Strategy game. But apart from the core gameplay, should your team prioritize customization, competitive multiplayer, or world lore?

Prioritize Development Effort

We can use the audience profile of the genre (or a list of specific 4X games) to help you understand which motivations and gameplay mechanics to focus on and, equally important, which to avoid.

Optimize Player Acquisition

You’re trying to optimize your marketing spend for a new title in an existing franchise. How do you identify the gamers who are most receptive to your new game?

Optimize Player Acquisition

Our proximity maps show how your game or franchise is positioned among other games in the genre. And the audience profile of your franchise includes a rank-ordered list of games with the most similar audience. Use this information to optimize marketing spend, targeting the most receptive gamers.

Identify Design Opportunities

You’re exploring the viability of a competitive spaceship engineering game, but you’re not sure about the size of the market for this game. Does the market for this game exist?

Identify Design Opportunities

We can identify the relative size of intersections of specific motivations, and provide the demographic information and most popular games of this potential audience. Find out if your idea is an opportunity or a dead-end.

Explain Gamer Behavior

Your new game is in beta or launch. Your KPI dashboards can plot your churn and predict who is about to quit, but you’d like to understand why and if there’s anything you can do about it.

Explain Gamer Behavior

By surveying relevant player segments using the Gamer Motivation Profile, we can quantify how players with different retention or monetization patterns are different in terms of their motivations. Use this information to understand if certain motivations are being underserved.
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