23 03, 2016

Revisiting the Strategy Genre Map: Age, Audience Homogeneity, and the Lasso Effect

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We’re revisiting the Strategy genre map with some additional data overlays. If you’re a regular reader of our blog and familiar with our motivation data and how we generate these genre maps, feel free to skip the next 2 sections. Data from the Gamer Motivation Profile The Gamer Motivation Profile allows gamers to take a [...]

2 03, 2016

In 4X Strategy, Younger and Male Gamers Prefer Military Conquest. Older and Female Gamers Prefer Cultural Domination.

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One of the hallmarks of 4X games is the ability to use different approaches to achieve victory. These may include crushing your enemies on the battlefield, creating an economic superpower, or achieving cultural or scientific nirvana. I still remember watching my father play the original Civilization and being confused as to why he would waste [...]